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Zhejiang Utide Coating Fabric Co.,LTD Established in 2018, located in Haining city, Zhejiang Province, 60KM apart from Hangzhou, 120 KM apart from Shanghai ,which has achieved extraordingary performance and mature stage in technology, manufacture and sales in the coating fabric field.
Utide Coating Fabric has a big production capacity to maintain coating fabric’s high quality. Also ,we own the professional technical team to develop new types of memberane structure. The company has over 310 employees and 380 million annual output . About 25% of those staff members have intermediate or senior engineering certificate . Utide Coating Fabric has imported 2 advanced production line of PVC coating fabric and 2 holt melt coating production line.


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Contact: Joy/ Sunnie

Phone: 0086-15975718912/13511286771

Tel: 0086 573-87235002

Company: Zhejiang Utide Coating Fabric Co.,LTD

Add: A-1700 Room, Headquarters building Warp Knitting Park,Haining,Zhejiang ,China

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